About Suza Francina

About the Author

Suza Francina was born in 1949 in The Hague, Holland, and is of Dutch-Indonesian heritage. A yoga teacher since 1972, she is the author of four books on yoga for people at midlife and older: Yoga for People Over 50 (Devin Adair, 1977); The New Yoga for People Over 50 (Health Communications, Inc., 1997); Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause (HCI 2003); and The New Yoga for Healthy Aging (HCI 2007).

Suza’s Writing Yoga Memoir, Fishing on Facebook: A Writing Yoga Memoir, (April 2012)  is the first in a series of “writing yoga” memoirs, drawn from her practice of daily journal writing.

Suza lives in Ojai, California, where she is a former mayor and long-time community activist. She considers her social and ecological activism to be an essential part of her daily-life yoga practice. The mother of a grown son and daughter, (and now a grandmother), she is a passionate animal advocate whose family also includes several dogs and cats.


http://www.Suzaji.com (Suza’s Writing Yoga Memoirs Blog)

Writing Yoga Memoirs on Facebook


2 Responses to “About Suza Francina”

  1. YogaSpy Says:

    Many thanks for reading my Yoga Spy blog and for “liking” a bunch of posts. You made my day!



    • Suza Francina Says:

      Hi, Luci, Kindred Writing Spirit-Yogini,

      Here’s what I wrote about you on my Facebook page:

      Yoga Spy, where have you been all my life?
      I love this blog on observations on yoga culture in North America! I stumbled upon it while looking to see which of my early teachers were still teaching–45 years later.

      “My name is Luci Yamamoto . . . I’m not really a spy. I actually do practice yoga. A lot. But I also enjoy stepping back and critically observing yoga culture, particularly in North America, where I live and where yoga is developing a distinctly Western flavor (for better or worse). If I occasionally question or criticize, please take no offense. I intend only to open a conversation.”

      I’m always reminded how important it is in all areas of life to step back and critically observe—especially when it comes to our own Sacred Cows!


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