Some Cosmic Trivia

May 15, 2014
Some cosmic trivia: The model for my first book, Marcia Moore, was featured in the 1965 bestseller, YOGA, YOUTH, AND REINCARNATION, by Jess Stearn. I still have a copy of the paperback that I most likely found at Bart’s Books.
* * *February 25, 2014
Feeling destiny unfolding . . . every experience adds fuel to the writing fire . . .
* * *
My first yoga teacher, Sarah Kirton, whose story appears in my first book, “Yoga for People Over Fifty: Exercise Without Exhaustion,” published in 1977. (Written under the name Suza Norton.)This photo was taken in the early 1970s, Upper Ojai, at High Winds, near the Beatrice Wood/Happy Valley Land.
(more to come)

Below is a link to the first yoga book I wrote in 1977. The model for this book was the renown yoga teacher/author of that era, Marcia Moore. By some cosmic synchronicity Marcia was staying in the east end of Ojai, near where I lived on McAndrew Road. — in Ojai, CA.


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