Life by the Cup

10333633_10152584502399703_825554252818511256_oJune 28, 2014

An enchanting Ojai evening with  humanitarian entrepreneur, the totally unique, extraordinary Zhena Muzyka —author of Life by the Cup   looking forward to curling up with her memoir . . . review to follow.
Photo Credit: Sage Tate — with Zhena Muzyka.

June 29, 2014
Deep into Zhena‘s memoir. Set in Ojai, I recognize almost every person and place in the book, which make her broke single mother challenge to succeed as an ethical, humanitarian entrepreneur even more riveting . . .

June 30, 2014
I think I just hit the two chapters in Zhena‘s book that I need the most–chapter 13 on keeping one’s perspective when you find yourself in hot water and chapter 14 on self-validation.

Zhena writes: “The thing I’d been living for–my dad’s approval–was never coming. I vowed to stop calling. It was just too painful to keep reaching for something he couldn’t give me. But not calling didn’t help the hurt.”

Can you relate? I sure can!

And then she says: “A local businessman who mentored me told me what I needed to do. ‘Nothing outside of you can make the inside feel better . . . Self-validating people do not look to others for their worth because they know who they are without external confirmation.'”

I think what burns me up the most about my own father is his lifelong insistence that “I treat all my daughters equally,” when nothing could be further from the truth!

It’s all so ironic!
* * *


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