Surprise early 65th birthday cake delight!

Written Monday night, May 19, 2014, after vegan dinner with students—
Posted June 14, 2014 (so much has changed since that night!)

Surprise 65th birthday cake delight— raw vegan avocado chocolate coconut raspberry with a soaked almond crust–made by Vegan Chef Sunny Bower!

Here is link to the recipe for Raw Cacao and Avocado Pie–Sunny changed the recipe a bit to make the crust less sweet. She made the crust salty rather than sweet–leaving out the dates and topped the pie with a festive circle of currently delicious raspberries!
— in Ojai, CA.

IMG_2157[1]IMG_2156[1] IMG_2154[1] IMG_2155[1] IMG_2158[1] IMG_2159[1] IMG_2163[1] IMG_2164[1]IMG_2155[1]IMG_2154[1]

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