The stars are like a portal . . .

October 1, 2013

It’s a dark, starry night. First the dogs and I wander, but I forgot my flashlight so we don’t go far. Tonight the river bottom is stone still, no coyotes yipping. I lock up the dogs and turn off all the lights, so now it’s pitch dark and I can see more stars . . . And, as I sit, the stars are like a portal, and I realize that my daytime life is just a dream, an obligation . . . it’s my contribution—what I do to keep my ship afloat. And now perspective comes . . . totally unexpected, but that’s what happens when you sit still long enough. Suddenly I remember last night’s dreams, or maybe it was the night before . . . the night dream world when the deep soul incarnate shows her true colors. It’s when the male and female energies merge . . . when the shadow side is allowed to live . . . when I roam the universe. For just a moment, the stars help me remember, and then it fades away. But even now I see my life and all the lessons, stripped bare to its very essence.


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