I’ve resented her intrusion since the day she was born

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My first free Sunday in four weeks! After my yoga class I’m going to walk, walk, walk, and write, write, write. But first, I have to check on my old parents.

I made the mistake of answering the phone last night and got in a heated argument with my middle sister about our parent’s elder care. The stork delivered this interloper, nicknamed “Boolie” (pronounced “bully”) when I was two years-old. I’ve resented her intrusion since the day she was born. She thinks she is my superior in every way and delights in my failures as each of my fumbles proves she is right.

The sun is shining, the blazing red and yellow leaves on the trees outside my window are shimmering to the ground. The ever-present river bottom wind whispers in my ear, reminding me that all things on earth are transient and somehow I must extricate myself from the earthly messes I’ve created, whether they be present or past karma, possibly from lifetimes ago. Some say we choose our parents, our siblings, our whole life situation. . . that here on the wheel of life we are working out stuff from past reincarnations. Anything is possible —perhaps this lifetime all my past husbands are converging in Ojai to give me one last chance to be merciful and kind. . . I would launch into a long story on this but must clean the yoga room, feed my four leggeds and put on my yoga hat. For my students (who know me well and accept me as I am) I am almost always on my best behavior!


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