Early morning walk in the river bottom

To honor the spirit of Faccia and dogs everywhere, and my human spirit too, I rose early for a walk into the wild. Whistled for Nubio, our black dog neighbor….He soars over the rock wall at the entrance to his home and he and Honey gallop away like wild horses, little Chico giving his all to keep up with their longer legs. Chico knows the ropes. He stops in his tracks so I can leash him to keep him safe from coyotes….

The rising sun illuminates the landscape. The sky is still streaked with grey that soon turns to a palette of orange yellow red pink purple colors….at this moment the blues peeking through the clouds are clear like the first day of creation….I wish for one day on earth that except for emergency vehicles and time-sensitive transport, we humans could have a global emergency car-free day…. that we counted the cost we are paying for our oil-driven lifestyle to the global economy ….

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